Another reason for starting Eblana was to get time over to concentrate on projects I really believe in.

I have long been an active member of the Irish community here in Stockholm and I do my best to promote Irish culture and interests in Scandinavia.

I’m also a strong believer in the positive influence that sport has on young people, and through the company I sponsor a variety of events, teams and projects as well as giving practical communications advice to charitable organisations.

In the end, I believe in everyone’s right to make their voice heard in our Western democracies, regardless of access to resources. To that end, I have been known to offer advice to independent candidates in electoral campaigns- even the ones I don’t necessarily agree with.

These people often invest their own time and money to take part in the democratic process and may not have had access to professional media and communications services.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an area that is growing rapidly as corporations seek to give something back to the communities they operate in. If you and your company want to get involved, feel free to contact for advice on how you can make a difference too.

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