We live in a visual world.

When it comes to differentiating your product, service or organisation, still and moving images are essential in setting the tone and conveying your message.

After the 2002 downturn, PR and marketing budgets were the first to get cut, so I started producing my own in-house clips for my then-employer.

With digital technology making the process cheaper and better as time went on, I moved into still photography and TV production in 2010.

Since then, I’ve produced moving pictures for one of the world’s largest news agencies, corporate films for everything from listed companies to charitable organisations, and had still images published by the world’s largest news agency and in some of Ireland’s major newspapers.

I also have a network of  highly-experienced still and video photographers and creative editors, all with proven track records and the unique ability to frame exactly what it is you want to portray.

Take the first step towards immortalising yourself, your business or even your sports club by sending a mail to philip@eblana.ie.



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