“You’re an inspiration!”

– Pat Kenny, RTE broadcaster, Dec 23 2012.

As a journalist I am in a unique and privileged position – I get to witness the first draft of history, and be part of passing it on to the world.

Doing so has put me in a variety of wild positions – some dangerous, some ridiculous – but luckily I’ve come out of them all with a story to tell.

I go to places you can’t or won’t go and speak to people. Sometimes they are famous and powerful individuals, but often they are the ones who rarely get to speak. They teach me and tell me things, and I pass them on to the world.

So if you’re looking for someone to give an on-the-ground perspective of why our world is the way it is, then get in touch. I have relevant experiences and stories that I can share with any audience you can think of, and as a storyteller I want you to put me in front of them.

I can also moderate any panel you see fit to throw at me; I can challenge, chide and coax them into giving your audience what they came for.

And if anyone wants to learn the tools of our trade, I can do that too. Put simply, put me in front of your audience, and I won’t let them – or you – down.

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