“You’re an inspiration!”

- Pat Kenny, RTE broadcaster, Dec 23 2012.


Anyone who has witnessed Philip O’Connor’s media appearances will be aware of his ability to clearly present ideas in a way that audiences understand and appreciate

On everything from sales and marketing to journalism and communications, Philip’s positive messages empower audiences to think and act for themselves and the greater good, regardless of whether they work for large corporations or volunteer organisations.

His background in marketing, journalism, sport and community work make him a perfect candidate for:

Sales & Marketing Conferences/Kickoffs
Trade shows
Chambers of Commerce
Media Events
Sporting Organisations
Annual General Meetings

With his book “A Parish Far From Home” Philip has become an unofficial spokesman not just for the Irish community abroad, but also for Irish businesses that want to export to new markets.

As a moderator he is well-read and tough but fair, preferring unpleasant truths to spin, and he encourages audiences not just to read widely but to question everything they are told in order to make informed decisions for themselves.

Given his background he is equally at home in the roles of moderator and MC, and more than a few audiences have been surprised by is ability to play devil’s advocate during debates and panel discussions.

Philip is available to speak in Sweden, Ireland or anywhere else on the planet- to enquire about bookings, contact us.

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