Putting a mic on ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus for an interview in Stockholm.

We live in a visual world.

Gone is the day when you could publish a text story and expect it to be picked up around the world – nowadays you need video (often the kind created with social media in mind) and at the very least a picture to go with your story.  

Over the last year I’ve added the ability to broadcast live from anywhere with a 4G signal, and in the future this is where I expect a lot of my work to come from. Sometimes it’s a scheduled press conference, sometimes it’s breaking news, but what both things have in common is that people want to see it NOW. And we have to give it to them.

Like text, still and moving images also have a grammar all their own, and composition, lighting and editing all play their part in generating the required effect.

I film, edit and script news footage for some of the biggest outlets in the world every day, and I have a keen sense of what it takes to get stories into the news. These are all techniques that can be taught, but I’m never happier than when I am out there doing these things myself.

I also have a network of  highly-experienced still and video photographers and creative editors, all with proven track records that I can call on.

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